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We are digital business consulting agency that helps companies increase sales and help with branding for faster business growth.

Strategy &

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Marketing Analytics and Support

  • Product Roadmapping

  • Strategic Growth Planning

  • Pricing Analytics

  • Social Media Analytics

  • We create a plan of action for your idea to make it a reality. Multidisciplinary, lean teams work alongside with you to uncover strategic opportunities for a new or existing business.

    Development & Automation

  • Web Development

  • Mobile App Development

  • Rapid Prototyping of A.I. Solutions

  • Process Automation

  • Intelligent Solutions for Automation

  • Product Validation

  • Development is where we turn your product ideas into a reality using best practices and our business insights so that you can have a live product ready for your team or your customers to use.

    Finance &

  • Banking Expertise

  • Comprehensive Integration

  • Enhanced Investor Relations

  • TSR Insights

  • Effective Equity Story

  • Funding Insights

  • Our deep expertise can help you add more value, reduce costs and operate efficiently in a dynamically changing environment. We can help you to target the right investors.

    How it Works?

    We Guarantee Client Satisfaction

    Step 1

    You get an introductory Free Consulting from one of our agents. No worries if you don't have a project ready or don't know exactly what you need.


    Step 2

    We conceptualize and create the project or analyze the project that is already ready. If more information is needed we contact you


    Step 3

    We get back to you with our offer. "If you are our client your business needs must be satisfied" with this in mind you can chat with us now

    About Us

  • 14 years in business

  • 150+ projects

  • Employee-owned

  • We are a San Francisco based company specialized in supporting small and medium organizations in mastering their challenges related to starting and expanding their businesses. The driving force in our daily work is our wish to achieve sustainable and success-oriented results for our clients. EVN Partners has been consulting companies in diverse transformation processes for more than 10 years.

    Trust our Management Consultants with their extensive expertise in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Corporate Finance, Brand Management, Market- oriented business management, Employer Branding and Pricing Strategy.

    Meet our team
    Tom Henders


    Stefan Wolff

    Andrew Mike


    Serob Hunanyan

    Rosie Ford


    Raza Marcus

    Tom Henders

    Head of IT

    Johanna Prielinger

    Andrew Mike

    Creative Director

    Gig Arakelyan

    Rosie Ford

    Head of HR

    Victor Attah

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